D.W. Wilber’s Mission

To educate the public on counterterrorism and situational awareness in order to help them better protect their communities, their loved ones, and themselves.


Del W. Wilber brings over thirty years of experience in Security and Counterterrorism as a former Intelligence Officer serving with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Defense in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East, and in law enforcement. His expertise took him to Iraq from 2004-2007 where he served as an advisor for counterterrorism and counter-IED operations to the Commanding General, U.S. Army Multi-National Corps – Iraq.

Del also served as the Counterterrorism Advisor and Consultant to the State Investigative and Protection Agency (SIPA) for the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the autonomous Republik of Srpska, and served as a counterterrorism and intelligence consultant, and provided training to the security and intelligence services of the United Arab Emirates. 

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